A website that has been thought over from A to Z, more user friendly, granting you the possibility to browse through the complete Analekta catalogue, watch videos, establish a wish list, listen to the Analekta radio, available 24/7… all that was missing was a blog and here it is! You’ll learn about present and future Analekta projects, get to know the artists better through exclusive interviews, be able to follow some of their current concert projects, be able to slip into Analekta’s daily routine. You’ll be able to dig a little deeper into some of the recorded works, find posts about musical concepts demystified and we’ll share links about other interesting articles published elsewhere on the Web.

First and foremost, this blog wants to become a meeting place, where all can exchange points of view. You have questions, comments?Don’t hesitate to send them in! We’ll try to answer them as best as we can.


Who is the Analekta blogger?

Lucie Renaud is a classical music journalist and editor as well as a teacher. She is the founder of La Muse affiliée, a publication devoted to piano pedagogy. She has been assistant editor at La Scena Musicale from 2000 to 2003 and has collaborated since to various publications, in Canada as well as in France. She also writes program notes, pedagogical material for musical organisations and has offered preconcert talks and introduction to classical music workshops.

She can be reached here.