The story of Analekta

The Greek word Analekta means “a collection of the finest works”. Since the inception of Analekta in 1988, the greatest Canadian musicians have honored the meaning of this word with their dedication to excellence.

In 1987, while François Mario Labbé was then producing shows around the world, he had in mind three recording projects, including one from violinist Angèle Dubeau. The multinationals at the time rarely agreed to produce music from Canadian artists, hence François Mario Labbé’s motivation to create a recording company that would be devoted to them.

The label’s initial CD was by Angèle Dubeau, followed by the world’s first digital recording of the Red Army Choir, and the soundtrack to The Music Teacher starring José van Dam. These three recordings were met with great success, both nationally and internationally, fueling François Mario Labbé’s desire to prolong the adventure.

Analekta was founded with the goal of becoming one of Canada’s leading record labels. The driving force behind the label has always been its musicians; exceptional artists who became Analekta’s guarantee of excellence.

Twenty-five years, 500 albums and over 5000 works later, the company has become the biggest independent classical label in Canada. Its impressive catalogue includes records from some the greatest Canadian artists such as Angèle Dubeau, Alain Lefèvre, Kent Nagano & the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Anton Kuerti, Gryphon Trio, Ensemble Caprice, I Musici de Montréal, the Orchestre symphonique de Québec and many more.

Analekta also recognizes the importance of developing new talents and gets involved each year with young musicians such as Stéphane Tétreault, Philippe Sly, Valérie Milot, the Cecilia String Quartet, and more recently, Hélène Guilmette and Julie Boulianne. Throughout the years, Analekta’s array of collaborations with the finest Canadian musicians has allowed the company to build a rich catalogue that is recognized for the quality and originality of its recordings, as well as the rigorous musicianship of its artists.

Le président

After representing the finest musicians and dancers all over Canada as a business manager, François Mario Labbé founded in 1988 the classical recording label Analekta, considered today one of the driving forces of the national industry.

François Mario Labbé was born in Gaspé in 1953. From 1978 to 1984, he is the vice-president and associate of the company Specdici. The following year, he founds his own business managing and agent company, Gestion artistique mondiale. As the president and general director of the company, he produced until 1992 over a 1000 shows worldwide and no less then 500 shows (ballet, music and theater) in the greatest Canadian halls. Since 1988, he is the president of Analekta, a label he founded to support the talent of Canadian musicians.

Inspired by the business model of the French label Erato, François Mario Labbé decided to seek out advice in Paris from one of its cofounders, Michel Garcin. The man recommended that he’d first find a vocation for its label before actively developing it.

Hence, since the creation of Analekta, François Mario Labbé, has been dynamically engaged in highlighting the genius and talent of the finest Canadian musicians on an international level. Only three years after its inception, the label had already become the largest independent classical recording company in the country.

François Mario Labbé participated in the rise of many international careers and has now won the confidence of many talented artists and orchestras who believe in the commitment of his work.

François Mario Labbé, either personally or under the Analekta name, has received an impressive array of prizes and distinctions, including two Cannes Classical Awards at the MIDEM, acronym for Marché international du disque et de l’édition musicale. Many Felix, Juno an Opus prizes can also be added to the list. Additionally, François Mario Labbé was honored in 2010 with the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec for his outstanding contribution to the cultural development of Quebec.


François Mario Labbé’s goal has always been to highlight the excellence of its Canadian artists and, most importantly, to ensure its radiation to as many people as possible. “It is our brand. I always sold music with the widest public in mind, including the younger generations. When I founded Analekta, I was greatly inspired by this Telemann quote from the 18th century: “music should not be the prerogative of a privileged elite, but rather a common good.” Angèle Dubeau and I apply this principle to every decision we take on a daily basis.” François Mario Labbé


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