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I lived in Romania from 1981 to 1984, studying in Bucharest with the renowned master Stefan Gheorghiu. It was, under Ceausescu’s regime, three years of hardship so musically rewarding !

I discovered that Romanians could freely convey their feelings through their music. Actually, it was their only way to have some freedom of expression: festive music, dancing music, music from the heart.

Violin has been the instrument of choice for the persecuted throughout history: easy to carry, easy to hide. I am thinking of the Jewish people for whom the violin has been such an important component of Klezmer music. But most of all, my heart is with the Romany who know so well how to make their violin cry.

I learnt to make my violin cry, dance and sing during my years spent in Eastern Europe. It is therefore a real pleasure for me to share that Gypsy passion, and express the profound emotions and human feelings associated with this extraordinary music.

The digital era enables me to assemble this repertoire plus an uncommon rendition of 5 Brahms’ Hungarian dances coupled with a Liszt’s Rhapsody. This Pietà montage had no title to begin with so I asked my public to give me its suggestions for one. I received hundred of replies. I chose the proposal of a great man, a friend, Frédérik Back and its “Hongroiseries”!
Gypsies is now available for download, exclusively on digital format.”

Happy listening,

Angèle Dubeau C.M., C.Q.

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Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
Angèle Dubeau
Johannes Brahms
AN 6 1001

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