FL 2 3058

Pax: Gregorian chants on the theme of peace

Release date March 31, 1996
Album code FL 2 3058
Periods Médiévale
Genres Chant choral

Album information

In this recording of Gregorian chants on the theme of peace, the selection in the forefront, taking pride of place as it were is the Prince of Peace (introit Lux fulgebit). Saint Paul wrote to the Ephesians, “He is our peace… He has come to proclaim peace, peace for you who are far away, and peace for you who are nearby.”

This is the peace that was announced by the angels on the day of the Nativity of Jesus Christ: “Glory to God in the highest of heavens and peace to men of good will” (Gloria in excelsis Deo). In the course of his life on earth, the Son of God was a man of peace. In His own words he proclaimed the beatitudes, saying, among other things: “Blessed are the people of peace for they will be called the Children of God” (Communion Beati).

Yes, He tried to lead men down the road of peace (antiphon In viam pacis, Benedictus canticle) and to bring peace to our times (Tua est response); He showered words of peace on his people, on the faithful and on those who turned to Him (introit Loquetur). After His resurrection, Christ left his apostles the legacy of peace… he offered up His peace (communion Pacem relinquo vobis). Throughout this recording, the Lord says “Peace for my people and my friends.”

© Dom André Saint-Cyr
Translation: Marc Carrier

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AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres

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