Elinor Frey : Concertos italiens baroques pour violoncelle

Early italian cello concertos

Release date April 01, 2022
Album code AN29163
Periods Baroque
Genres Cello

Album information

By bringing four Italian cello concertos together – by Vivaldi, Leo, Sammartini, and Tartini – Elinor Frey explores the unique and captivating sound world of the violoncello family in a period when composers were writing “galant” melodies, and we enjoy the rich harmonies and expressive counterpoint associated with Baroque music. This recording, a collaboration with the ensemble Rosa Barocca, contributes to current research on the Baroque cello by performers and musicologists and is dedicated to concertos that have sparked an interest in the smaller violoncello of the late Baroque era.

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Elinor Frey
Elinor Frey : Concertos italiens baroques pour violoncelle
Antonio Vivaldi

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