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What do we remember from these journeys? Not only the landscapes, the local cuisine and the museums we visited, but also the music from the particular country, written by the people born there and those who have chosen to stop over.



Italy has always proved to be a fertile land for the emergence of artistic forms, whether they are in architecture, painting or music. In the baroque era already, this country ruled, due to the golden age of stringed instrument makers, Vivaldi’s virtuosity and the rise of opera, a genre that would continue to attract fans two centuries later with Verdi and Puccini. Beyond styles, landscapes repeatedly inspired composers, who would transmit their tiniest details. Tchaikovsky
yielded to the charms of Florence, Alain Lefèvre to those of Milan, whereas Stravinsky
passed on the delicate volutes of the serenade. Viva l’Italia!

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
Angèle Dubeau
AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo
AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo

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