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A life is marked by highlights. Accentuate the great events of your year with these compilations or offer them as a gift.

Beach Party

The sun is shining bright. The sand is burning the soles of your feet. Shovels are busy building a sandcastle. In the distance is heard the elemental sound of the waves, giving the impression that time can stop. What if we could reproduce this emotion in music? Percussion and plucked chords that make us dream of Mexico in a former time, tangos that awaken buried memories, rhythms that make our hips sway, works of yesterday and today that will prove to be ideal companions for those hallowed days when one decides to put everything off until the following day. Mañana

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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AN 2 9855-6
AN 2 9855-6
AN 2 9855-6

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