AN 6 1047

In 'n' Out: Cocktail (exclusive download album)

Release date January 24, 2012
Album code AN 6 1047
Periods Divers

Album information

Does your life seem to you like an endless whirl? Let a little music glide into it – it will accompany you during your workday as well as during your exterior activities. This series is designed for an active lifestyle.

You have definite tastes and prefer your martini dry, your cosmopolitan with two lemon wedges and your wine at room temperature? To accompany this moment suspended between the frenetic pace of the office and an outing with friends or an evening cocooning, don’t leave the choice of music to pure chance! With its jazzy or gently swaying rhythms, classics from the popular repertoire revisited by the Gryphon Trio and Patricia O’Callaghan thanks to gorgeous arrangements and Alain Lefèvre’s bright and inspired piano, this album is suitable for all circumstances, whether or not you wish to share your very favourite pieces.

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Alain Lefèvre
Gryphon Trio
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres

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