AN 2 9202-3

Christmas Greatest Songs Vol. 2

Release date October 23, 2015
Album code AN 2 9202-3
Periods Various
Genres Various

Album information

Do you remember when you were a child how excited you became trying to guess what was in the boxes under the Christmas tree, hoping that Santa Claus would grant all your wishes? Perhaps you remember the sweet feeling, when you sang a Christmas hymn during midnight mass.

The album Christmas’ Greatest Songs, Vol. 2 celebrates the magic of a peaceful Christmas. Taken from the Analekta catalog, this collection compiled unforgettable Christmas songs.

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Steve Cowan
Alexander Sevastian
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres

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