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Does your life seem to you like an endless whirl? Let a little music glide into it – it will accompany you during your workday as well as during your exterior activities. This series is designed for an active lifestyle.

Coffee Break

Your boss has asked you again to do the impossible? The baby’s crying is starting to weigh you down? Before admitting defeat and getting in a bad mood, use a proven stratagem. Remove yourself from your normal surroundings for an instant and discover the Spain of Albeniz and the Italy of Paganini, be charmed by a romance by Mendelssohn or Chopin and forget everything in the company of Saint-Saëns and Beethoven. The rest can wait…

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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Angèle Dubeau
AN 2 9156-8 Anthologie
AN 2 9156-8 Anthologie
AN 2 9156-8 Anthologie

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