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Are you looking for the perfect combination of music styles to relax, to serve as background to your romantic evening or to be tailored to your current state of mind? With a simple click, you can immerse yourself in the desired mood.


Forget the demands of work and daily worries so that you may finally find your inner stillness. Listen with your ears wide open and immerse yourself in Bach’s Air on the G String, Baroque works that are still so relevant, variations that unfold so naturally, relive a sweet night from Spain as two lovers promise to be forever faithful, let yourself be rocked by the sound of the cello or the guitar, lose yourself in Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel. Create a space around you in order to become refocused at last.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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Angèle Dubeau
Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
AN 6 1011
AN 6 1011

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