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A season that unfolds, the moment when the day turns dark or the rain forms shapes on the window – such are the ranges of emotions drawn from music for a complete sensory experience.

Spring comes back at last. The sun caresses our faces a little less timidly; the sap rises, very gently. The snow gives ground, the chirping of birds is heard more and more. All that’s missing is music, the music that this oh-so-special time of year has inspired in composers. Whether the gentleness of a Mozart quartet, or Schubert’s sublimated dream, or the awakening of nature in Beethoven’s “Pastoral,” or the torrent breaking free from its confinement in Rachmaninov, or the Canadian springtime of André Mathieu or its Argentine counterpart – let yourself be swept away by the reappearance of the season many regard as incomparable.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Ron Rosenthall

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Gryphon Trio
AN 2 9763
AN 2 9763
AN 2 9763

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