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You like classical music but consider yourself an amateur? This series will let you discover the key works of the repertoire, according to the theme you choose. Let it take shape in you.


“My piano is my word, my life.” (Franz Liszt) Having rapidly become the king of instruments in the 19th century, the piano has never lost its status. Versatile, it can be an orator, at once a potent and confident, flamboyant and poetic, feverish and lyrical. Its various facets are displayed here, from Beethoven’s classicism, which was revolutionary, to Gershwin’s jazzed up rhythms, with an obligatory detour through Chopin’s disquieting romanticism, Ravel’s fluidity, one of Schubert’s perfect miniatures and an ageless passage by Satie.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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