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“No, words alone are not enough, and where they fall powerless, another more eloquent language arises: music.” (Tchaikovsky)

Music is often described as a universal language, one that translates emotions and thoughts without artificial barriers. Often, just a few notes of Mozart, Chopin or Vivaldi are enough to evoke, with varying degrees of clarity, a childhood memory, the pleasure of a friendship, or even the turmoil of one’s first kiss.
Through instrumental and vocal masterworks of composers from Bach to Gershwin, this compilation takes you on a voyage to a land of sweet dreams, eternal melodies and heartfelt emotion from which you may not want to return. Where you listen makes no difference; whether you are sitting comfortably in your living room, driving in your car, or walking around with your portable music player, what these canadian artists have to say has lost none of its truth over the centuries. While novelists use many stylistic devices to tell a story, composers need very little subterfuge to reach their audience. With a single gesture—the inflection of a musical phrase, a slightly firmer bow stroke, the power of a wind player’s breath, a few words sung—the boundaries between past and present disappear.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Peter Christensen

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AN 2 9987-8
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
AN 2 9987-8
AN 2 9987-8

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