AN 2 9725-7

A Celebration of Excellence: 25th Anniversary Analekta / 15th Anniversary Radio-Classique (3CD)

Release date March 05, 2013
Album code AN 2 9725-7
Periods Various
Genres Various

Album information

Having an enviable international reputation, with respect to both the critics and the influence of the distribution of its albums, Analekta ranks among the leading independent classical record companies. Since the beginning, Analekta has stood out by affirming its presence on the international music scene, by working in association with important partners, and especially with the best artists here. Canadian musicians rank among the best in the world and it is with them that we have assembled a great catalogue of classical music. Whether one talks about artists of international stature or emerging artists, Analekta is the subject of constant praise from critics here and elsewhere.

Thanks to our partners, organisations that have believed in our project to create a great classical music label at home, we have been able to take our place among the best in the world. We have always been able to count on the loyalty and trust of our distributors, retailers and the media. One of these very special collaborators has been and remains CJPX Radio Classique in Montreal.

Its founder, Jean-Pierre Coallier, has always believed in what we were doing and in the quality of our productions. Since its start, CJPX has set out to be a first-class radio in the Canadian soundscape. Devoted to classical music, just as we are, its mandate has been to put on the air, first and foremost, all our best musicians. Thank you, Mr. Coallier, for your vision and your support, which has made it possible for us to build the careers of our artists and become a worthy representative of our etymology: «a collection of the finest works. »

Our path to success and excellence has lasted for 25 years so far, and we hope to offer you here some of your best moments.

François Mario Labbé, C.Q.


In the three CDs you’re holding here, you’ll find the recipe for the success of a company that I respect and admire.

François Mario Labbé’s daring, skill and intuition have enabled Analekta to become a benchmark in the record industry, maybe because Analekta looks so much like us!

Analekta is the classical music of performers, of large ensembles and of composers from here.

Fifteen years ago, when Radio-Classique went on the air, we happily drew from the magic potion of François Mario Labbé. The amount of content from Analekta that we broadcast here at CJPX and CJSQ is huge. You have here beautiful examples of that.

Many thanks to all of you for your wonderful loyalty to our radio “that makes us feel good” and bravo to Analekta for its 25 years, for the quality of its products that allow us to say every day on the air: “Listen to how beautiful this is!”

Jean-Pierre Coallier
Founder and Radio Host

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