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You like classical music but consider yourself an amateur? This series will let you discover the key works of the repertoire, according to the theme you choose. Let it take shape in you.


Although Beethoven was a contemporary of Haydn, Mozart and Goethe, he distanced himself from these models very early on and developed an instantly recognizable style, which thanks to the prodigious ease with which he handled melodic material and rhythmic cells, guaranteed that he would hold a unique position in the pantheon of classical music. Listen again carefully to the first movement of his incomparable Symphony No. 5, let images take over when hearing his “Pastoral” or his “Eroica”, discover the power of his “Hammerklavier” and appreciate his delicacy in the piano trios. You will then understand why “music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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Kent Nagano
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AN 2 9885

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