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A life is marked by highlights. Accentuate the great events of your year with these compilations or offer them as a gift.

Father’s Day

“My father is the best…” Whether he holds our hand when we take our first steps, makes us twirl to the music of a grand waltz, tells us improbable stories, sings an old melody with his warm voice, plays with toy cars for hours and hours or accepts our first teenage crushes, our father will always be our hero. Now is the time to honor him, with works by Bach and Beethoven, the spiritual fathers of so many composers, or Strauss’s Emperor Waltz.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo
AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo
AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo
AN 2 9297 – Sas Agapo

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