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What do we remember from these journeys? Not only the landscapes, the local cuisine and the museums we visited, but also the music from the particular country, written by the people born there and those who have chosen to stop over.

The slow pulsation of the tango, some chords plucked from the guitar, a fandango from the beginning of the 18th century that makes your body sway: the hot sounds of South America, transmitting sublimated passion and inducing a complete change of scenery, captivate and sweep you away. From Piazzola’s nuevo tango to the Brazilian rhythms of Villa-Lobos, from the pure nostalgia emanating from Ginastera’s Milonga to the brute effervescence of Milhaud’s Cinéma Fantaisie, written to accompany one of Chaplin’s silent movies, this album invites you to discover a South America that is as varied as the landscapes that shape it.

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AN 2 9990
Angèle Dubeau
AN 2 9990
AN 2 9990

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