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What do we remember from these journeys? Not only the landscapes, the local cuisine and the museums we visited, but also the music from the particular country, written by the people born there and those who have chosen to stop over.



When they reached Canada, in their baggage the early settlers brought their cotillions, round dances, jigs, reels and square dances, styles of music that are joyously rhythmic. These would become an essential part of dance evenings but they would also inspire composers of the new country, from Claude Champagne to François Dompierre and Alain Lefèvre, without forgetting the “Canadian Mozart”, André Mathieu, who in his works for piano and orchestra as well as in his songs, proved that he possessed a truly unique spirit.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Annie P. Prothin

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AN 2 8743-4 Silence On Joue Prise 2
Angèle Dubeau
AN 2 8743-4 Silence On Joue Prise 2
AN 2 8743-4 Silence On Joue Prise 2

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