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You like classical music but consider yourself an amateur? This series will let you discover the key works of the repertoire, according to the theme you choose. Let it take shape in you.

Orchestral music
The orchestral repertoire has evolved steadily for 400 years. From the Bach suites to Richard Strauss’s Don Juan, the orchestra has grown in size, the possibilities of dynamic contrast have increased many times over, and contact with the listener has been redefined. Since the 19th century the orchestra has become an institution and plays an essential role in today’s musical life. Rediscover some of the most prominent scores in the repertoire, including Beethoven’s Fifth and Ninth Symphonies, the Prelude from Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, Debussy’s Tarentelle styrienne, and orchestrations of popular Hungarian and Slavonic dances crafted by Brahms and Dvorák.

© Lucie Renaud
Translation: Ron Rosenthall

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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
AN 6 1054
AN 6 1054
AN 6 1054

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