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“BLANC like purity and serenity. BLANC for luminous music that can bring interior peace
through its strength and powerful evocation. Fully charged emotions that reflect the strange
solitude found in illness.

After months of battle against cancer, music has been my focal point, it has brought me
comfort, tranquillity and sometimes, an essential escape. This music is of Brubeck, Dompierre,
Golijov, Hisaishi, Morricone, Mozetich, Munsey, O’Connor, Phillips, Sakamoto, Schyman and
Stevens. A music without artifice, real and filled with hope.

This album tells my story, the story of a woman like many others who had to fight against
illness and, serenely, came out of it stronger.”


Thank you. By buying this album, you will be helping the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to finance research and innovation, to support women affected by breast cancer and make breast cancer health a priority thanks to initiatives in education and awareness. The enormous progress accomplished in the fight against breast cancer can be attributed in particular to the outstanding contributions of generous donors and committed partners such as Angèle Dubeau, Groupe Analekta inc. and Distribution Sélect. Together we must continue to work relentlessly to help women, their survivors and their loved ones so that one day the hope for a life without breast cancer can become a reality.

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Angèle Dubeau
Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
AN 2 8737
AN 2 8737

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