AN 2 8738

Ludovico Einaudi: Portrait (Deluxe Edition)

Release date March 03, 2015
Album code AN 2 8738
Periods Others

Album information

Portrait is a string of recordings presenting contemporary composers with a unique musical signature. Ludovico Einaudi is one of them. This grand and prolific Italian composer creates works that dwell within us for a long time. A music which captivates the listener, a sonic landscape to discover.

Starting from the original versions starring this composer and brilliant pianist, I wished to explore these works with my violin, surrounded by the wonderful musicians of my string orchestra La Pietà. This is a revisit of his music, changing its texture, rethinking its character while bringing a new sonic dimension. I am happy to share with you my latest musical highlight.

Enjoy the music!

Angèle Dubeau, O.C., C.Q.

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Angèle Dubeau
Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
Ludovico Einaudi

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