AN 2 8925 – Flute Passion: Mozart – Nadia Labrie

Flute Passion : Mozart

Release date March 26, 2021
Album code AN 2 8925
Periods Classical

Album information

“Since I was a little girl, Mozart has always been by my side. His music is my happy place, whether I’m listening to it, playing it, or whistling it. And since the start of the pandemic, Mozart has been a permanent fixture in my home. His joyful, melodic
music has given me a way to escape all the worry and anxiety, helping me connect with something deeper and live in the present moment. That’s how this new project was born. The desire to express myself and share some love and hope with the
world grew stronger than my feelings of anxiety about the future. This music is my way of sharing a little tenderness, hope, and joy with you. May it bring you the same happiness and peace of mind that it has brought to me. Enjoy!”

Nadia Labrie

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Nadia Labrie
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Flute Passion: Mozart – Nadia Labrie

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