AN 2 9897

Violonchelo español

Release date October 18, 2005
Album code AN 2 9897
Periods Romantique
Genres Musique de chambre

Album information

Spain has long been known as an alluring land of passionate spirits, flamboyant dance rhythms, dazzling colors and an aura all its own, slightly tinged with exoticism. For much of its history, Spain has also been a center of artistic and scientific life, attracting scholars, painters and musicians from all over Europe. It has nurtured a long and distinguished tradition of music that goes as far back as the twelfth century, when the monastery at Santiago de Compostela, located in the Pyrenees, vied with St. Martial (in Limoges) as one of Europe’s most important centers of polyphonic music. Spain’s “Golden Age” of Music was the sixteenth century, when composers like Cristóbal de Morales, Francisco Guerrero, Tomás Luis de Victoria and Antonio Cabezón held sway.

Music continued to be important throughout the following centuries, but, as in England, creative activity tended to center around musicians from abroad (Domenico Scarlatti and Luigi Boccherini spring immediately to mind). That changed with the arrival on the scene of Felipe Pedrell (1841-1922) – composer, founder of modern Spanish music and Spain’s first modern musicologist. Pedrell imparted to his students a patriotic awareness of their country’s rich musical heritage, encouraging them to blend classical and folkloric elements. His three most famous pupils are all represented on this CD.

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AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres
AN 2 8871-2 Rencontr3s / Rencontres

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