AN 2 7110-3

La Bolduc: The Complete Edition (4CD)

Release date November 13, 2012
Album code AN 2 7110-3
Periods Others
Genres Popular

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If ever proof were needed that fairy tales can come true, the extraordinary destiny of Mary Travers (1894–1941) is it. An ordinary housewife from Québec’s Gaspé region and a self-taught musician, she would become Quebec’s first famous singer-songwriter, “La Bolduc,” a 1930s recording sensation known as the Queen of Canadian Folksingers. Many of her songs were light-hearted stories about the daily lives of her fellow working class Québecers struggling through the depression. At times optimistic (Ça va venir, découragez-vous pas, Nos braves habitants), at times ironic (Toujours l’R-100, Les médecins), La Bolduc’s lyrics—interspersed with “turlutes” (melody sung to nonsense syllables) and harmonica interludes—struck a chord. During her meteoric rise to fame, she wrote over 300 songs and recorded no fewer than 46 records (91 songs, in addition to L’Enfant vole, sung by her daughter Lucienne). Revisit this fascinating chapter in Québec’s history with this box set.

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