AN 2 8745 Max Richter Portrait

Max Richter - Portrait

Release date October 06, 2017
Album code AN 2 8745
Periods Contemporary

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A word from Angèle Dubeau

In the past ten years, I have recorded various musical portraits of great contemporary composers. Their music has increasingly called out to me, and it punctuates beautifully the repertoire featured on the 40 albums I have recorded. The more I listen to composers gravitating around the minimalist movement, the more I want to interpret their music. I enjoy the moments of introspection that these works bring. Perhaps this has to do with maturity?

In the 17th and 18th centuries, music composers were sponsored by the opulent Courts of Europe. Today, many composers write for the entertainment industry, be it for cinema, television or video games. It allows these brilliant composers to offer works that will mark generations, and the history of music. Amongst the composers who have and will continue to have an impact on the intellectual and musical life of their times, there is Max Richter. I devote my new “Portrait” album to him and his impressive body of powerful and original works. I have selected 16 pieces with his unique signature, which I revisit here with my violin and my orchestra, La Pietà.

Enjoy the music!

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