AN 2 8768

Der Prinz (The Prince)

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Release date February 18, 2014
Album code AN 2 8768
Periods Contemporary

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MG3 (Montréal Guitare Trio) has been traveling all over the world for more than 15 years and imposes itself as a force of renewal in the music world. DER PRINZ, their sixth album, keeps up with the diversity of musical genres that has become their trademark. Next to original compositions inspired by “world music”, the trio also pays tribute to some leading artists with brilliant covers of works by Radiohead, Jorane and the legendary Canadian group Rush, with the great classic Tom Sawyer.


This album is dedicated to the memory of our friend Nick Naffin (1963-2012) alias Der Prinz, who has left us as a legacy the piece Le Renard.” – MG3

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Montréal Guitare Trio (MG3)
AN 2 8768
AN 2 8768

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