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QW4RTZ has its roots in the boys choir Les Petits Chanteurs de Trois-Rivières. What was once a favourite schoolyard activity quickly became a teenager’s creative outlet and, a few years later, a true artistic project.

Since its official debut in 2010, the band has performed hundreds of times in Canada, from Vancouver to Moncton, and the five corners of Quebec (well, four of them, Ivujivik, we’re waiting for your call!) Several TV appearances, festival shows in front of crowds of tens of thousands, and a few European concerts later, QW4RTZ is fi nally releasing its fi rst album!

Classically trained musicians (yes, they jointly have close to 70 years of musical training!), the four members of QW4RTZ take a mischievous delight in finding inspiration in every possible style for their shows’ repertoire. The album is no exception to the rule; pop, indie, rap, electro, french chanson… nothing is off-limits!


Syllabus, Fall 2016 Semester

Only a few groups have emerged in the french a cappella(1) world and while they were undoubtedly excellent, this genre is clearly first and foremost anglophone. That is why we, as a band, recognized for its impressive discography(2), thought that we should start our recording career in Vigneault’s language (well, isn’t that the expression?). So you, soon-to-be QW4RTZian, who is studying this creation while humming, laughing or even unnecessarily doubting the vocal authenticity of what you are hearing, know that this album was made just for you… solely with our mouths!

Wishing you all a good back-to-school!

(1) Latin for a cappillaris: without hair
(2) At the time of writing… zero album

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AN 2 9530 Kuhlau Grandes Sonates
AN 2 9530 Kuhlau Grandes Sonates

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