AN 2 9197 – Roots of Strings – Nazih Borish – oud

Roots of Strings

Release date February 05, 2021
Album code AN 2 9173
Periods Contemporary
Genres World Music

Album information

Music is peace. It transcends the boundaries
of time and space, colours, and races to settle
restless hearts wherever they are. It is as pure
and innocent as the truth. Hence, when a musician
comes into the world, a seed of peace is planted.
So, let’s eliminate barriers, open various music
cultures to each other, teach them and learn about
them to enjoy a world of love and peace.
A creative endeavour by nature, music is therefore
not constrained by its roots nor by the people
from whom it originates. Music is a universal
language that awakens the conscience. It is the
means through which humans seek serenity and
through which music cultures across the world
should connect, merge and engage in dialogue.
This is precisely what the composer embodies
here, melding his authentic oriental style with
others that have infl uenced him, to offer us a
multifl avoured drink, a toast to peace and harmony.
The oud is a letter of this great alphabet. It
conveys its authenticity and continues to delight
listeners as it did in the past. In addition to the
diversity it can bring, it is not surprising that the
oud interacts and dialogues so well with the
double bass and percussion, for it is considered
as the ancestor of many stringed instruments. The
chords that emanate from it are musical words
that fl y on wings to travel into hearts around the
world, carrying with them messages of peace.
Human beings are inherently inclined towards
peace. Because music is one manifestation of
this peace, it is the language that makes its way
into the heart, without permission, bypassing
borders, colours and ethnicities. An invitation
to intercultural dialogue, music is an appeal to
fraternity and peace. This is embodied in the work
of composer and musician Nazih Borish, whose
fi ngers dance on the strings of his oud, unleashing
it to speak in its own language and tell the story of
the Roots of Strings.

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Nazih Borish
Nazih Borish

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