AN 2 9840

Colinda - Noëls de Provence

Release date November 01, 2011
Album code AN 2 9840
Periods Medieval
Genres Various

Album information

Colinda – Noëls de Provence

From the dawn of time, the winter solstice has been a time to celebrate the return of light. Strada brings together beautiful musical traditions related to this event from all corners of Europe.

This program, entirely sung in Occitan, is based on a 17th century manuscript kept at Avignon Cathedral in Provence, the Noëls de Notre-Dame des Doms, as well as some noels by Nicolas Saboly (1614-1675).

This recording brings together Strada and Occitan musical virtuoso Miquèu Montanaro. Clear and resounding, the
voices sing here in polyphony, carrying
us to a Mediterraneen land.

Colinda is the name given to the sung Christmas celebrations in Romania. It comes from the Latin calends, which designates Roman solar worship festivities.

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