AN 2 9832-3

The Baroque Adventure: The Quest for Arundo Donax (english version) (2CD)

Release date November 01, 2005
Album code AN 2 9832-3
Periods Baroque

Album information

Baroque Adventure : The Quest for Arundo Donax will entice the imagination of young listeners and their parents alike!

An enthralling orchestral escapade in 18th-century Europe – conceived and scripted by Tafelmusik double bassist Alison Mackay – Baroque Adventure: The Quest for Arundo Donax comprises 2 CDs featuring a story filled with adventure and intrigue superbly narrated by Blair Williams (in English) and by Albert Millaire (in French), with music clips underlining the action, brilliantly delivered by Tafelmusik. A bilingual 20-page, full-colour booklet featuring striking illustrations by Katy Lemay (using her distinctive eye-catching collage technique) is included, along with Baroque Delights, one of Tafelmusik’s most popular recordings previously released by Analekta.

Arundo donax is a bamboo-like plant native to France that is used to make reeds for musical instruments like oboes and bassoons. In 1704, Queen Anne of England is distraught: at war with France, the English are fast running out of arundo donax. When it’s all gone, so is the music! So the Queen sends two of her youngest subjects, Frances and Edward Purcell (children of the late composer Henry Purcell) on a quest for the famous plant. The journey takes them from Venice to Versailles. Along the way, they meet Antonio Vivaldi and Louis XIV, but also spies and many dangers. Will the youngsters succeed in their quest?

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