Christos Hatzis

Christos Hatzis

Born in 1953, Greece

Educated in the United States and a Canadian citizen since 1985, Christos Hatzis is considered to be one of Canada’s most important composers. Christos’ eclectic and powerful music is captivating audiences all over the world and has been awarded several coveted Canadian and international awards like the Jean A. Chalmers National Music Award, the (Governor General) Jules Léger Prize, the Prix Italia, and Prix Bohemia, among others.

A growing number of commissions from Canadian and international arts councils and foundations and a slew of new recordings of his music are fast spreading awareness and appreciation of the composer’s work well beyond his home base.

A Professor at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, Christos writes frequently about contemporary music and its relationship to today’s and tomorrow’s societies.

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