Marielle  Nordmann

Marielle Nordmann

An artist and musician recognised throughout the world, Marielle Nordmann was the disciple and partner of the late, great Lily Laskine of whom she has become, in a way, the spiritual heiress.The international press has hailed her as one of the great harpists of our time:‘The richness of her sound combined with exceptional musicality rank her among the finest performers’.
Invited as a soloist on every continent, she has also created a musical tale, La Harpe apprivoisée (‘The Taming of the Harp’) and various other musical shows.
Marielle Nordmann has made more than thirty records and has just written a book about Lily Laskine. She produces a broadcast for the French station Radio-Bleue, is a professor at the National Regional Conservatory of Paris and participates on a number of musical juries.

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