Nazih Borish

Nazih Borish

Self-taught musician Nazih Borish was born in
Latakia (Syria) where he founded an oud school
that has been attended by more than a hundred
students over the years. An indefatigably curious
and versatile musician, he draws his inspiration
from Arabic music, fl amenco, blues and jazz,
developing a highly personal style of playing that is
now emulated by oud players around the world. In
2016, he moved to Canada, where he now pursues a
career as a performer and composer. Nazih recently
performed with such ensembles as Constantinople
(Quebec), the Canadian Arabic Orchestra (Ontario)
and the Rouh Trio (Jordan), and has taken part in
artistic residencies at the Lunenburg Academy of
Music Performance (Culturally INappropriate, 2018,
2019) and the Centre des musiciens du monde
(Nazih Borish’s Log, 2018). He is regularly invited
to collaborate with artists in Europe, North Africa
and the Middle East, and has served as a judge and
special guest at international oud competitions.


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