Buying options on ANALEKTA: prepaid packages, points, pay as you go

To facilitate your surfing on Analekta.com we have several means of shopping at your disposal: prepaid packages, subscriptions or pay as you go. We reward your loyalty to the music of the great Canadian performers with a system of loyalty points: Analekta points.

Prepaid Packages
When purchasing one of our packages your account will be credited for the amount chosen. Your credits do not have an expiration date – they are valid on Analekta.com at any time. Our prepaid packages come with discounts. This means that buying one gives you more for your money.

Pay as you go
Surf on Analekta.com, put the music that interests you in your cart, and pay for it with your credit card whenever you wish.

Analekta points
Each time you spend a dollar on Analekta.com, you get one point.  Accumulate 100 points and we will exchange them for a credit of  $10 in your account, valid at any time on Analekta.com


Your Shopping Cart: viewing it, adding music to it, emptiying it

Your shopping cart allows you to view and save the music you wish to download. It allows you to find out the contents and the amount of your order.
If you don’t have an account yet, you may still use the shopping cart. Its content will be saved until you open an account.

Viewing your shopping cart

Click on the button to “view my cart” at the top of each page near the Analekta logo.


When you add a track, a work or an album to your shopping cart, the downloading icon turns into a cart to let you know that that item has been added to your shopping cart. By clicking on the cart icon, you will also access your shopping cart.


Adding music to your shopping cart
On each album available for downloading, a box will indicate the price of downloading the entire album. That price will be adjusted according to the type of format you choose for download: FLAC or MP3.


By clicking on the icon for downloading the album icone-telechargement you add its entire contents to your cart (each track has its downloading button replaced by a shopping cart icon).
You can also choose to download a work. In that case, all the movements included in that work will be added to your shopping cart. Each track may also be downloaded individually.

Deleting an item from your shopping cart
Go to your shopping cart and simply click on the trash icon located on the right of each of the items in your cart.

Emptying your whole shopping cart
To empty the entire contents of your shopping cart all you need to do is click on the link located at the top right of the shopping cart.

Changing the format of an album, work or track located in the shopping cart
At the present time, it is impossible to change the downloading format directly from the shopping cart. You must go back to the page of the album in question, add the music in the format desired to your cart and then return to your cart to delete the format you no longer want.



Surf through our catalogue and click on the albums that interest you. All our albums can be heard in their entirety in streaming for free by clicking the speaker buttonicone-streaming. The streaming quality is MP3 192kbps. It is consequently inferior to that of MP3s offered in downloads.

When an album is available for downloading, you can download all of it or select a work or simply a track. Just click on the download button icone-telechargement. You also choose whether you want to download in MP3 or FLAC.

Once you have selected your downloads and your cart has been paid, all your downloads will appear in your account. The most recent will be on the home page of your account and the others can be seen by clicking on the button “See all my downloads” see-al-my-downloads.

Click on the downloading icon icone-telechargementto start downloading. You music will download into a single zip file. If you do not have a zip extractor, many can be founf for free such as ALZip.

Your downloads are available at any time in your account. Thus, in case of loss of your hard disk or if you want to download your music on a second computer, all you need to do is launch the download through your account.


I can't find my downloads on my computer


Go back to your account, in the section “My downloads”. Click on the download button  icone-telechargement. You will see a window entitled “Opening of Analekta-AN 2 XXXX.zip. Click on OK. Choose where you want to save your downloads on your computer, in the windo “Save In:”.


Burning your files

If you want to listen to your files on a regular CD, you will have to burn a CD audio.

Burning MP3 on CD audio can be done directly from Windows Media Player or iTunes or with one of the many free software applications available such as Free Easy Burner or CD Burner XP.

The burning of FLAC files without any loss of sound quality depends of the format you’re trying to burn.
Most 44.1 kHz, 16 bits FLAC files can be burned on regular audio CD. To do so, you can use the free audio player Media Monkey. It includes a FLAC compatible burner. There’s no need to manually copy and arrange directories — simply choose which Artists, Albums, or Playlists to include, set the disc’s format to CD audio and burn!

If you are trying to burn an audio CD from your FLAC files on a MAC, you have two solutions. You can pay for Toast, which is a feature-rich CD/DVD burning utility, or you can use Burn, which is an open-source (free) CD/DVD burning utility but you will first have to convert your FLAC files into WAV files using the free software xACT. The paying solution allows you to do it all in one step.
88.2 kHz, 24 bits FLAC files have to be burnt on DVD Audio (because they are usually too voluminous for a regular CD Audio). You will then be able to listen to them on any DVD audio compatible player.

No free DVD authoring software exists we know of. You can look for DVD authoring software of your choosing on the Internet. Cirlinca’s DVD-Audio Solo is a popular choice and was recommended in Stereoplay Magazine. Roxio DVD Creator is also a reliable solution available for both PC and MAC.
Be cautious; many programs confuse audio recorded for playback in a standard DVD player with true DVD Audio. The audio they record is generally compressed. These programs are not suitable for producing true high fidelity DVD Audio discs that will allow you to enjoy the full quality of the FLAC files you downloaded.
Whatever authoring software you choose to use, to burn an accurate DVD Audio disc which will contain precisely the same data that the one on the Analekta files you download, you must disable all enhancements in your authoring software.

If you want to make your 88.2 Khz, 24 bits FLAC files fit on a regular CD audio you can use Media Monkey. It will convert your FLAC files into 44.1 Khz, 16 bits files better fit for a CD but you will then loose the extra quality that make your 88.2 kHz, 24 bits FLAC files superior to a regular CD sound quality.


Security on Analekta.com

Analekta.com gives the highest priority to the security of its site. We are intent on assuring the protection of all information transmitted over the Internet and wish to safeguard the security and confidentiality of any private information which concerns you.

Security measures
Analekta works with Trustwave, an Internet security specialist. Trustwave is an international company certified to work with payment systems and known by credit card companies.

Analekta uses the same system as the big Canadian banks to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of information pertaining to you, namely information relating to your credit card. Analekta.com servers use the most recent technology for transmitting information (“Secure Socket Layers” or SSL) with an encryption of 256 bits as well as a highly secure transmission.

The entire Analekta.com site is protected. There are several ways to assure you at all times that the protection is effective:
– You are at an https:// address and not a simple http:// address. The additional “s”
        stands for ‘secured’.
– The Trustwave security seal trustwave appears at the bottom of each page. By
   clicking on it, you obtain the information relating to the protection that we
– If you use Internet Explorer to surf, the security of the pages on which you are
  surfing is indicated by a lock situated on the right of the address bar.

– If you use Firefox to surf, the security of the pages on which you are surfing is indicated by a blue address bar.


What happens in the case of unauthorized use of my credit card?
Depending on your credit card, you might be protected against its unauthorized use. For more information, consult the pages on responsibility on the site of your credit card provider.

On the other hand, your bank could hold you responsible for certain fraudulent charges on your account, depending on the provisions governing your credit card.

In all cases of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider, in accordance with its procedures for making a claim.  


What are CVV codes used for?

CVV stands for Credit Card Verification Value. The CVV is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the signature panel on the reverse side of Visa and MasterCard.
This is an extra security measure to secure “card not present” transactions occurring over the Internet.

For your safety and security, we require that you enter the CVV number at transaction time. It allows Analakta to verify that the card is on hand and ensures that your account access has not been stolen.


Accessing and managing my account - Lost password

Accessing your account
To access your account at any time all you need to do is log in by entering your email address and your password. You can then access your account page by clicking on the link “my account” located at the top on the right of each page.

Lost password
If you have lost the password allowing you to access you account, click and enter your email address on the page that will open. We will send you an email with a link allowing you to enter a new password.

Changing your personal information
In your account, click on the button to modify my personal information . Don’t forget to notify your credit card provider so that the addresses of your personal information correspond with those of your credit cards.

Adding/changing your credit cards
In your account, click on the button Adding/changing your credit cards . There must always be one active credit card in your account. This means that you may not delete the first card you’ve entered before having entered a second one.
After changing a card, don’t forget to update the information before leaving the page.

Accessing your history and downloads
All this can be done by clicking on the appropriate buttons in your account.
You can check and print all your invoices, look at your most recent downloads and access all the music bought on Analekta.com. All you need to do is click on the downloading icon that accompanies each of your purchases in order to start downloading the corresponding music.


Contact ANALEKTA - Customer service

If you encounter a problem with downloading or any other matter, please contact us immediately at info@analekta.com.
Should your request concern a purchase, please include the invoice number as well as the email address used to identify your account.

Please note that there are no returns or refunds for downloads.


You will find out our full contact information in the contact section of the website.


What is the difference between MP3 & FLAC, how do I read FLAC files ?

MP3 | FLAC | Listening to FLAC | FLAC players for PC / for Mac


MP3 is the standard format for downloading music and it is universally recognized. It is a compressed format. Consequently it causes a loss of sound quality, depending on the compression rate used. At 320 Kbps (the quality sold on Analekta.com), MP3 is almost as good as a CD and the difference is inconspicuous. MP3 is compatible with nearly all audio equipment.


Access studio sound with FLAC format

FLAC: Behind these four letters hides a process of compressing music without losing quality – hence the acronym “Free Lossless Audio Codec”. FLAC files sold on the Analekta.com site allow you to stock and listen to music that is of equal or better quality than a disc.

With a quality way superior, FLAC files are a bit more expensive than MP3. FLAC files are lossless at various high bit rates, 44.1kHz or 88.2kHz (check each title for actual details).  The quality is identical to that of an SACD (Stereo only). The format will be dependent on the actual recording method we used originally.

  • FLAC files at 44.1kHz deliver a sound equivalent to the original CD master
  • FLAC files at 88.2kHz deliver a sound equivalent to the studio master

When you buy a work in FLAC, you will be listening to the sound equivalent to that heard by a sound engineer while recording.


FLAC files can be read by numerous audio devices (personal players, amplifiers, turntables…) and the leading operating systems (Window, Linux, MAC OS). Below are more details about how to read FLAC.


Try the FLAC format with our free test files and discover this format for audiophiles. If you want to learn more about FLAC, please visit FLAC official website.


The legal downloading of music represents the fastest, least expensive and most ecological modern method for obtaining your favourite music. Until very recently, downloading music implied a significant loss in sound quality due to the MP3 compression format, as compared with your original CD.

Thanks to the new audio format FLAC “Free Lossless Audio Codec”, music can be compressed without any loss in quality.  In fact, the sound quality is even superior to that of a CD, when the music file is played using equipment that has the latest audio converters on the market.

The FLAC format can be played directly on your computer, your portable player or your home sound system or in your car. New reading devices constantly appear on the list of FLAC format compatible equipment.  To read the FLAC format on your PC computer, you just need to download a small free program such as AutoFLAC, dBpowerAMP, MediaMonkey, Winamp or VLC in order to make high-resolution audio files compatible with our equipment. A short tutorial will guide you through the steps to follow. Please note that Ubuntu (a free  Linux based and open source operating system) reads FLAC by default.

Microsoft does not support FLAC yet, so the files cannot be read by Windows Media Player. Solutions do exist, but a native FLAC player will always be better.

To play FLAC files on a MAC you can use one of many free software such as VLC, Cog, Play or Songbird.

You can also convert all your discs into FLAC format in order to read them on your portable player or your computer without losing sound quality.

Test the difference now. We are offering you three tracks in FLAC, which you can download free in the gift section.   


What is the audio compression format used by Analekta on its website (streaming and Analekta Radio)?

Analekta opted for MP3 192kbps VBR audio files. This is the format you listen to when listening to the Analekta Radio or when streaming one of Analekta’s album.

This format assures a good audio rendering and is widely spread among online digital stores. It is nevertheless of lesser audio quality than what can be heard on a physical Analekta CD.


How does the ANALEKTA Radio works?

The Analekta Radio is available via our website but you can also download it in order to be able to listen to it whenever you want. It gives you the choice between its main program and a selection of new releases. The main program is updated every month and offers a selection of our finest titles, well known or to re-discover. The new release selection gives you the opportunity to listen to recent releases only.


An item on your website is not available at my local shop. Why not?

This website features ANALEKTA’s international releases. It is up to each distributor’s discretion, and within certain limits, to choose to retain only the items that are most likely to sell it their particular market.


Analekta recordings are available by mail order through e-retailers such as arkivmusic.com, archambault.ca and amazon.com



Can I purchase ANALEKTA products directly from you via the internet?

ANALEKTA does not sell any recordings via its website. However, Analekta recordings are available through e-retailers such as arkivmusic.com, archambault.ca and amazon.com


Can I receive your catalogue by e-mail. or can I download it from your website? Do you have a printed catalogue?

Unfortunately, we no longer print a catalogue. However, by browsing our online catalogue you can add the albums of your choice to your wish list. In My Wishlist section you will be able to print a catalogue of your selection and to send them to your friends.


How do I find out about upcoming ANALEKTA releases?

Unfortunately, we no longer print a catalogue. However, by browsing our online catalogue you can add the albums of your choice to your wish list. In My Wishlist section you will be able to print a catalogue of your selection and to send them to your friends.


How can I get permission to use one of ANALEKTA's recordings?

Unfortunately, we no longer print a catalogue. However, by browsing our online catalogue you can add the albums of your choice to your wish list. In My Wishlist section you will be able to print a catalogue of your selection and to send them to your friends.


I would like to receive news and special offers from ANALEKTA. What should I do?

By subscribing to Info ANALEKTA (simply enter your e-mail address at any page on our website), you will be regularly informed about upcoming releases and news.


Where can I find information about ANALEKTA artists?

By browsing our “Artists” section, you will find biographical information, photographs, discographies and more for all ANALEKTA artists.


I am part of a media organization and would like to receive promotional copies of ANALEKTA releases. Who should I contact?

You can contact Cyrielle Valade at extension 28 (cvalade@analekta.com.) He will put you in touch with the right publicist and will allow you to have access to our discs prior to their release. You can also visit the Media section. All our press releases are available there.


I am experiencing technical difficulties with a portion of your website. Where can I report the problem?

To report any problems regarding our website, please contact the webmaster at info@analekta.com and be sure to include a description of the problems and the error report if applicable. You may also include the name and version of the web browser you use.


Do you have any Analekta web site user guide ?

Yes, you can download it here.

We hope this guide will help you, otherwise you can contact us at info@analekta.com.