Discover the online store Besides listening to our albums for free in streaming, you can now download them in MP3 320kbps or in FLAC, a format of higher quality than a CD.
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Discover all the richness of Analekta music thanks to the online catalogue containing more than 3000 works collected in some 400 albums featuring over 800 artists. Interested by one album? Click on the cover.

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Select the format of your choice: high-quality MP3 format for portability or FLAC for sound quality superior to CD. FLAC cannot be read in iTunes or on your iPod but various softwares, portable readers and equipment allow you to do so. You can find out more in our FAQ section.

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Listen in streaming to what interests you without having to be satisfied with just 30–second extracts. Did you like what you heard? Download it

In contrast to most online stores, all our tracks are individually downloadable – and remember that with one click you can choose to download a whole work for a lower price than all the movements.


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You can also buy Analekta credits or sign up for a yearly subscription in order to save and be able to listen to our music without counting. For every dollar you spend on the site, you will receive one Analekta point. When you reach 100 points, we will offer you a credit of $10 on *The person to whom you offer music downloaded from Analekta will have to set up an account to be able to access it.


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The music you buy will be accessible permanently in your account. Access it whenever you wish. Click on the button to start downloading

A zip file containing all the tracks of the album or all the movements of the work purchased will be recorded in your hard disk. You can use the freeware winzip self-extractor or alzip to unzip it.

If you import our MP3 on iTunes, they will automatically appear with all the necessary information, along with the album covers. Likewise, our FLAC files contain all the information pertaining to the music and can be read using different types of software and materials. To find out more about FLAC, visit our FAQ.


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Reading the FLAC files downloaded on

Reading FLAC files with Windows Media Player.

Burning FLAC files.
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