Outhere Music is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Analekta catalogue, the leading independent Canadian classical music producer. Founded 35 years ago in Montreal, Analekta is a high-quality, artist-driven label covering a wide range of talents and repertoires. It features more than 600 recordings.

The integration into the Outhere Music group will give Analekta the advantage of an experienced worldwide support and distribution team whereas Outhere will benefit from Analekta’s strong presence on the Canadian and North American markets.

Charles Adriaenssen, Founder and President of Outhere Music, says:

“The integration of Analekta into our family of great labels is an important milestone. This is our first foray into the Americas, starting from Québec, where we have strong affinities. We know Analekta’s catalogue very well, having distributed them for many years; they produce great artists and share our dedication to culture and quality. But just as importantly, their leading artist, the virtuoso violinist Angèle Dubeau pioneered an eclectic approach to classical music that considerably widened traditional audiences. I’m thrilled to continue walking this path with Analekta.”

François Mario Labbé, Founder of Analekta says:

“It is my pleasure to announce today that 35 years after its founding, Analekta is joining the European group Outhere Music, with which we have collaborated for many years. This integration with a highly respected classical music company ensures the continued pursuit and permanence of our mission: to produce and promote the greatest Canadian musicians, orchestras and ensembles on an international scale, while meeting the highest standards. We have an exciting line up of new albums in the coming year that we look forward to launching in collaboration with Outhere.”


One of the world’s largest independent classical music production and recording groups, Outhere Music distributes its recordings all over the world. They range from early to contemporary music, by way of jazz and world music.
Outhere Music emphasises production quality, strong ties with the artists, scrupulous attention to the realisation of every project and a keen interest in the new forms of distribution and relations with audiences.
The Outhere Music group was founded in 2004 by Charles Adriaenssen and is established in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, the Netherlands and Mexico.
While the group’s best known labels Alpha Classics, Channel Classics and Linn Records open their catalogues to eclectic repertoires and artists of international stature, the other labels of the group: Ricercar, Phi, Arcana, Aeon, Ramée, Outnote Records and Fuga Libera, have very strong identities and offer outstanding, more specific musical experience.
Outhere Music aims to fulfil its role as a major independent and international production company, with a clear focus on high quality cultural products.


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