In search of classical music for TV series, movies or documentaries, advertisement campaigns, corporate events, performing arts, websites or video games?



Looking for that well-known work by Mozart? Coveting something out of the blue that will generate a unique ambiance? Would like to add an historical facet to your project? Yearning for that musical je ne sais quoi which will make your audience react?


ANALEKTA has a wide range of music to offer. With a catalogue of over 6000 works by different composers from various historical periods, you will find with our cooperation what will bring that special touch to your project.


Furthermore, using works from the public domain may well help lower your production fees. Contact us for a financial appraisal of synchronization rights. Your requests will be processed swiftly.


Do not hesitate to contact us for tailored-to-your-needs advices.

Contact person:
Julie M. Fournier, M.A., MBA
Production Manager
(514)939-0559, ext. 30